The Scholarship

The Woman’s Club Scholarship Fund

In a tradition inspired almost 100 years ago by founding member and past president  Mary Munford, The Woman’s Club supports five women each year in the pursuit of a college education with The Woman’s Club Scholarship Fund. Mary-Cook Branch Munford, well known in Virginia for advocating for women’s education opportunities, lives on through this program. Recipients of scholarships from The Woman’s Club Scholarship Fund are called Mary Munford Scholars.

2017 scholarship winner Creyona Macklin exemplifies each of the qualities of a Mary Munford Scholar.

About The Scholarship & How To Apply


Awards are given to future female leaders who demonstrate financial need, academic excellence and commitment to serving their community. Application is open to young women and continuing education students alike. Recipients of this special scholarship are called Mary Munford Scholars.

Scholarship Amount  | $5,000/year For Five Students

In celebration of 125 years of educating and encouraging women’s contributions to the Richmond community (1894-2019), The Woman’s Club has dramatically increased the scholarship award in 2019 to award $5,000 each to 5 students for up to four years.

Annual Application Schedule | 2019

  • January – March: Applications accepted
  • March 7 at 5:00 p.m.: Application deadline
  • June: Winners selected
  • October: Winners announced at The Woman’s Club, first fall speaker’s program

How to Apply

The Woman’s Club Scholarship Fund is managed by The Community Foundation for a greater Richmond. Applications are available on The Community Foundation website. 

Due to the special 125th Anniversary, applications will not be accepted and no new scholarship recipients will be selected until Spring 2023

Send completed applications to:

The Communication Foundation for a greater Richmond
3409  Monroe Street
Richmond, VA 23230

Questions about the scholarship can be directed to The Community Foundation:

(804) 330.7400

Stacey Keeley

Leslie Hannaford

The Woman’s Club Scholarship Leadership

Nancy C. Lipscomb, President, The Woman’s Club Scholarship Fund

Margaret D. Lundvall, President, The Woman’s Club