Celebrate In Timeless Style

You’re invited to celebrate in timeless style. From elegant weddings to company summits to momentous birthdays, anniversaries, and more, our team pores over every last detail to ensure your event is as exquisite as the setting.


Wedding Venue

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Special Events Venue

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What's the range for pricing for rentals at BHH?

Weekday events range from $2,000-$3,500, and weekends from $2,600-$5,500. All events require an additional $1,000 damage deposit.

What is included in the rental fee?

Our packages include more than most, from ample time to a variety of table sizes and gold chivari chairs, and our drop-down rear projection screen. Contact Kyle for a comprehensive list.

How many guests does the Bolling Haxall House accommodate?

We host events with as few as a handful of guests and as many as 300. We have several different rental packages with access to a combination of different rooms and space. Contact Kyle for details.

Can I use my own vendors?

All vendors besides the caterer are at your discretion. We have suggested vendors for most categories if you are looking for guidance. Contact Kyle for details.

Why do I need to use a caterer on the pre-approved list?

As a historic landmark in Virginia and nationwide, maintaining our facility is a priority – these caterers are full-service and come with a reputation of excellent service and staffing, timely communication and sensitivity to the building.

Can we bring our own alcohol?

Clients may bring their own alcohol with a valid ABC license and certificate of liquor liability insurance, but bartenders must be provided by our approved caterers.

Do I have access to the house before my event?

Yes, by request and pending availability. We have flexible set-up times, and we will even accept personal deliveries during the week leading up to your event.

We are open Monday – Friday 9 a.m. – 4 p.m., with limited access on Mondays and Tuesdays from October to April. Contact Kyle for details.

Are there multiple events held at the house at once?

No. No matter what portion of the house you rent, you are guaranteed to be the sole event at your scheduled time.

Can I do a photoshoot at the Bolling Haxall House?

Of course, though a small location fee does apply if you are not renting the house for an event. If you are renting the house for an event, you are welcome to schedule a time for up to 2 hours,  Monday – Friday, 9 am – 4pm, at no additional charge (pending availability). Access is limited on Mondays & Tuesdays from October to April. Contact Kyle for details.

Are decorations permitted during rentals? What are the guidelines?

Florals are encouraged but not required, due to the historic nature of the facility, outside decorations are restricted to be non-adhesive and non-marking.

Are there any rental discounts?

There are discounts for duly recognized non-profit organizations, events sponsored by members, and members themselves. Contact Kyle for details.

Is the Bolling Haxall House available as a film location or for individual photoshoots?

Absolutely. We are a beautifully preserved historic filming and photoshoot location, and have been featured on BBC programming, The Bachelorette, PBS and others. Contact Kyle for details.

Is the house wheelchair-accessible?

Yes, all areas of the house that are available for rent are wheelchair accessible.

What are the regular Bolling Haxall House operating hours?

We are open Monday – Friday 9 a.m. – 4 p.m., with rentals restricted on Mondays and Tuesdays from October to April. Contact Kyle for details.