Monday Programs

The Woman’s Club hosts over 50 events, programs, receptions, and workshops for our members and their guests throughout the Club season from October through April.  Our Monday Program series features an array of lecturers and personalities who speak on a variety of interests and topics.

2018-2019 Monday Programs

  • Andrea di Robilant
  • David Gompert
  • David Kamp
  • David Von Drehle
  • Donna Lucey
  • Ed Ayers & Christy Coleman
  • Georgia Hunter
  • Greg Estes
  • India Hicks
  • James Delgado
  • James Horn
  • John Henry Rice
  • Julia Fowler
  • Kimberley Strassell
  • Leigh Brown
  • Matt Thornhill
  • Meredith Woo
  • Mishka Terplan
  • Paul Allen Cox
  • Robert O’Meally
  • Robin Wright
  • Ting Xu
  • Notable Past Speakers

    The Woman’s Club is proud to have hosted over the past one hundred years renowned speakers such as poet Robert Frost, pioneer aviator Amelia Earhart, dancer and entertainer Martha Graham, past Presidents John F. Kennedy and George H. W. Bush, authors Tom Wolfe and Gail Sheehy, adventurer Tweed Roosevelt, architect Frank Lloyd Wright, pundits Jon Meacham and Gloria Borger, to name just a few.